Facing Sheet Metal Fireplace

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Production of brass pre-furnace sheets. Pre-furnace sheets of brass for stoves and fireplaces.

The main purpose of the pre-furnace sheet, fire safety, protection of the surface from possible ignition (sparks, burning coals, etc.), ease of cleaning near the space of the furnace, fireplace. In addition to all fire-prevention properties, the pre-fire sheet, with all kinds of engraving of patterns, monograms, monograms, initials, is a bright decoration, accessory for a fireplace and stove. Pre-furnace brass plate, an example of how to solve the issue of combining fire safety and decorative qualities. Pre-fire sheets of brass, have an attractive appearance and high aesthetic qualities. The pre-furnace sheet of brass has a light yellow, golden color, resembling the color of gold, with time, the metal oxidizes and darkening forms, a noble, natural patina on the surface of the brass pre-furnace sheet, emphasizing its age. Depending on the desired result, the oxidation process can be accelerated, patching is applied, the process of artificially dyeing surfaces of non-ferrous metals in light or dark shades of metal. The process of applying patina artificially repeats the process that takes place in natural conditions, giving the brass pre-furnace sheet refined, discreet beauty, the effect of antiquity.
Image Grad Production Company, offers to produce pre-fired sheets of brass, in the size and engraving of the pattern, at the request of the customer ... The recommended dimensions of the pre-fusible sheet are 700 x 500 mm.

A pre-fire sheet made of brass, will be an excellent family gift, will complement the beauty of the fireplace and support fire safety in your home!

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