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Keychains - keychains - key rings - trinkets - breloques: decorative advertising accessory, souvenir, in the form of pendants on a chain, carabiner, key ring, etc. The main function of using key chains is a pendant for a bunch of keys, but key chains are also popular, in decorative, promotional as carriers of information: charms, souvenirs, charms, amulets, corporate key chains with the logo, key rings, key chains with numbers, key chains for cars, key chain as a decoration for mobile phones. and so forth
Key chains are a great souvenir, a gift that carries a huge advertising character,

Key rings with the logo support the corporate style, image of the company, increase brand awareness, serve as a good promotion of goods and services. Metal key chains are not interchangeable for promotions, as a corporate souvenir, a gift, a key ring with a logo will always remind the client and partner of your company, and the placed website address and phone numbers on the back of the metal keychain will serve as a business card at your right time. . The most spectacular, stylish and durable, these are metal key chains, metal key chains:

TM Image Grad offers metal keychains to order from metal, metal keychains with logo (corporate key chains), key rings inlaid with stones, key rings with engraved patterns and inscriptions of any shape to order in Kiev.

The production of key chains is not different from the manufacture of badges, medals. The manufacture of metal trinkets is made of brass metal, the basic technology for the manufacture of trinkets: etching and stamping.

Image Grad Manufacturing Enterprise is one of the leading enterprises for the production of premium, advertising, souvenir and image products: key chains, metal key chains, demonstrating for many years the high skill of making key chains in order in Kiev at the level of jewelry, the best world standards using traditional and modern technologies for the production of key fobs, keyfobs. The company Image Grad has extensive experience in the development and manufacture of key chains. Charms with the logo, charms with the address of your web site, charms - checks for keys, charms - a model of a bank bar. You can order all this at our keychain production. You can order trinkets, trinkets in small or large quantities - our production of trinkets allows you to carry out any circulation, orders of trinkets, trinkets.

We accept orders for the manufacture of trinkets, trinkets made of metal, trinkets of any shape and complexity: exclusive trinkets, vip trinkets on a natural leather backing, trinkets as a model of a bank ingot, trinkets with a logo, personalized trinkets, production of trinkets according to individual layouts, using modern technologies for making trinkets, trinkets: making trinkets using the etching method; keyfobs by stamping; making trinkets by casting method. Special electroplated coatings of trinkets are used, gilding, nickel plating, silver plating, bronzing, chrome plating, which allows you to make original trinkets, trinkets, the surface of which may have a brilliant, matte, old look of products depending on the customer's wishes.

Making trinkets (production of trinkets) is our main job. At your service are professional designers who will help to create an original series of metal key rings, key chains, we work not only according to the customer’s sketches, but are also ready to consider your ideas presented in free form. The whole cycle of works on the manufacture of the charm, regardless of the complexity of the task, we perform in the shortest possible time and at the best price. Taking the order for the manufacture of trinkets, we take into account all the factors in order to produce really excellent, individual trinkets, trinkets with the highest level of quality.

For the manufacture of metal key chains, we offer a wide selection of accessories - rings, carbines for key chains, substrates of genuine leather of different colors.

We make metal key rings to order as the main order of key rings, as well as key rings in gift sets, which can contain several souvenirs that complement each other, badges and key rings, a metal business card and key ring, a tie clip and a key ring with a logo, etc.

Charms to order Kiev from the production enterprise Image Grad, this is 100% quality, good mood and the key to your success!

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