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Production of metal tags, production of checks, checks for cloakrooms, checks for luggage storage, checks for lockers, metal checks for wardrobe, checks for checks for locker rooms, checks for boxes in supermarkets, wardrobe check-ins to order Kiev:

Checks, wardrobe checks - number plates in the wardrobe - a small information plate with numbers printed on it, for numbering fixed places, things, etc. ... The use of numbers is assumed in public places where a person needs, or it is convenient to leave outerwear for a while, replacements he is given a number on his hands. The most common places to use wardrobe numbers:, museums, cafes, bars, restaurants, sports complexes, shops.

Material for the production of plates for wardrobe:

The production of checks in the wardrobe, standardly made of metal (metal checks), the checks made of metal are durable, wear-resistant, due to the engraving of numbers, the check will last for many years.

Checks wardrobe of metal, the most important attribute of a public institution. A wardrobe number, the face of the institution, a business card, so to speak, having made a choice in favor of metal checks for the wardrobe, shows the status, image and style of the institution.

Wardrobe checks, can be of any shape and size, a check with a one-sided, or a check with a two-sided image. Information is applied to metal plates by etching (engraving), followed by covering the number with decorative varnishes and enamels.

Image Grad Manufacturing Enterprise is one of the leading enterprises for the production of lottery, advertising, souvenir, image metal products. We accept orders for the manufacture of tags in the wardrobe of any shape and complexity. Checks in the wardrobe, it is possible to make both bilateral and one-sided: two-sided numbers - where the logo is on one side, the figure on the other, or the production of one-sided numbers, where the logo and figure are on the front side. One-sided numbering is not significant, but cheaper than double-sided numbering. Production of checks according to individual layouts, applying modern technologies for manufacturing checks where the image is applied to the check, by chemical engraving (etching), this results in a beautiful two-dimensional, embossed drawing of the number that can be pressed into the metal, or convex. Checks in the wardrobe are durable, reliable, practical, and the wardrobe checks from metal do not compare with plastic.

Making wardrobe check plates is our main job. At your service are professional designers who will help to create an original model of wardrobe checks, we work not only according to the customer’s sketches, but are also ready to consider your ideas presented in free form. The made metal number will become an integral part of the institution's image ... The cost of the numbers is calculated individually, according to the circulation, the size of the number, the coatings!

Metal badges, wardrobe checks to order Kiev from the Image Grad manufacturing enterprise, this is 100% quality, good mood and the key to your success!

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