pendants, brooches

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Making pendants, pendants, brooches, metal jewelry, pendants, pendants:

Image Grad manufacturing enterprise is one of the leading companies in the production of promotional products: pendants, pendants, jewelry, corporate symbols from metal, demonstrating for three years the high skill of making pendants, accessories at the level of jewelry. The Image Grad company takes orders for the production of pendants, pendants of any shape and complexity, exclusive pendants with rhinestone insertion, production of pendants according to individual layouts, using modern technologies:

making pendants, etching accessories; making pendants, accessories by stamping;

Special galvanic coatings of pendants, pendants, gilding, nickel plating, silver plating, bronzing, chrome plating are used, which allows you to make original metal pendants, pendants, the surface of which can have a brilliant, matte, old look of products depending on the wishes of the customer. To make the pendants more vivid and attractive, we use colored enamels in the manufacture of pendants and pendants.

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