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Welcome to the page of the medal - making medals. You are welcomed by a friendly team of professionals, the team of an industrial enterprise manufacturing and producing medals to order in Kiev - the Image Grad company.

Medal - medal, medaille, metallum - metal prize, award, souvenir, badge, standard round shape, although there are medals and a square, rectangular, diamond shape. Medals with a relief image, for achievements, heroism, special merit, medals in memory of events, celebrations. There are facial (obverse), reverse (reverse) and face (herd) sides of the medal.
Chest medals are mounted on the block or strip. Such a block for a medal may be covered with enamel or covered with moire ribbon of a certain color.

There are medals:
state medals, departmental medals, public medals, school medals, sports medals for personal or team achievement in sports competitions (gold medal - for the first place; silver medal - for the second place; bronze medal - for the third place).

The art of making medals, goes back to antiquity and the Middle Ages, was awarded the first medals for merits in military campaigns, victory in competitions, etc. The material for the medals are metals - brass, copper and others - which, thanks to their plasticity and relative strength, allow for the clarity of the small details depicted in the medals. In the art of making medals are widely used emblems, symbols and allegories.

The Image Grad company has a wide experience of development and production of medals, awards. Commemorative medals, sports medals on the ribbon, breast medals on the block, commemorative medals, souvenir medals, awards, all this you can order in our production of medals.
You can order medals in small or large quantities - our production of medals allows you to carry out any orders of medals. We accept orders for the production of medals from metal, medals of any shape and complexity, medals of any diameter.

In the manufacture of medals, three main technologies are used: etching, stamping, casting, as well as mechanical and electroerosive metal processing. The production of one medal on average takes up to 4 hours. The technological process of manufacturing medals includes the latest automation tools at all stages of the preparation and design of design, design and technological processes from leading world leaders in the field of industrial software products.

Manufacturing enterprise Image Grad, offers on the basis of its own production, the production of medals: exclusive medals with a portrait, nominal medals, medals for a wedding, anniversary, sports medals on a ribbon, production of medals, awards according to individual layouts, applying modern technology of manufacturing medals: the production of medals by the method etching; making medals by stamping; making medals by casting ...
Special electroplated coatings of medals, gilding, nickel plating, silver plating, bronzing, chrome plating are used, which allows you to produce original medals, the surface of which may have a shiny, matte, old-looking product, depending on the customer's wishes.

When ordering a commemorative medal, you can combine various metals, colored enamels, manufacturing techniques, colors and materials of the pads. Medals can be issued in the original gift wrap, which will also ensure the safety and durability of the medal: these are all possible supports, plaques of glass, stone, wood, velvet cases with a flock to match the medal diameter, vip cases of natural wood with the possibility of applying a logo, text on the surface packing for medals ...

Making medals is our main job. Professional designers who will help you create an original series of lapel badges or medals are at your service; we work not only according to customer’s sketches, but are also ready to consider your ideas presented in free form. The entire cycle of work, regardless of the complexity of the task, we perform in the shortest possible time and at an optimal price. For each series of medals are developed original layouts, stamps that provide the highest quality medals. Taking the order for the production of medals, we take into account all the factors in order to produce truly original medals with the highest level of quality.

Even at the development stage, signal blanks of medals are tested for durability: tested under conditions of extreme temperature drops, pressure with a press - without visible deformations of the medal, withstand the load on an edge weighing more than 1 ton. The pin on which the medal ribbons were attached was subjected to special testing - it withstands the tensile strength of more than 100 kg ... You can be sure that at the finish line you will receive the perfect product, the highest level medals and the best quality!

Medals by right occupy a special place among souvenir and gift products. Medals are a high and honorable award, medals are a memory for merit, medals remain a reminder of the victory for life. Making medals, medals - this is a valuable memento, reward for any holiday, award, solemn ceremony, sports, or corporate competition. All athletes are trying and dreaming to get a medal, because medals on the tape for 1 st, 2 nd, 3 rd place, that for each champion is an Olympic medal. Therefore, every athlete prepares and fights, tries to give everything in full, to show a remarkable victory and be awarded with a gold, silver, or bronze medal on a ribbon. Medals are a presentable commemorative badge, medal, award for outstanding ability or achievement. Medal, a great award to the winners at any celebration, presentation.

Medals to order, it is always bright and beautiful memorable products designed for gifts, awards, relatives, partners, colleagues ... Medals, really beautiful and unique award items that are created from high-quality and noble metals, painstaking work by first-class masters of Image Grad. Turning to us, for the manufacture of medals to order, you will receive the highest quality medals, at an affordable price of the manufacturer. Place an order of medals in Kiev on the production company Image Grad, we will help you to adequately prepare for the award ceremony, the solemn presentation of important events and produce a medal of great quality ...

The cost of medals is calculated individually, according to the size of the medal, coatings and fastenings! For more information about the production of medals and awards, you can get by calling the phones listed on the site, or ask your question in writing by email to our managers.

Image Grad Manufacturing Enterprise is one of the leading enterprises for the production of premium, advertising, souvenir and image products: medals, breast medals on the block, sports medals, award medals, commemorative medals and corporate metal signs, demonstrating for many years the high skill of manufacturing medals at the level of jewelry, the best world standards using traditional and modern technologies for the production of medals and awards. Image Grad Manufacturing Enterprise, offers to its customers and partners, the production of medals to order in Kiev, Ukraine for any occasion (medals in cases, award medals, medals on shoes, sports medals on a ribbon, commemorative medals) ...

Production of medals to order Kiev Ukraine from the company Image Grad is a guarantee that the award ceremony will be held at the highest level! Production of medals at the best prices in Ukraine, production of medals in the own production of medals to order in Kiev!
We do beautiful things, making medals to order Kiev, Ukraine!

Medals to order Kiev from the manufacturing enterprise Image Grad,
This is 100% quality, good mood and the key to your success!

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