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Welcome to the coin page - making coins. You are greeted by a friendly team of professionals, the team of the manufacturing enterprise for manufacturing and manufacturing coins to order in Kiev - the Image Grad company.

Coins - coin - moneta - coins - from the history of the origin of coins it is known that the ancient Greeks attributed the invention of coins to the heroes of their myths, and the Romans - to their gods. The word coin, translated from Latin, means "warning" or "adviser."

Each coin has a front side (obverse), a reverse side (reverse) and a side face of the coin (herd), it is possible to make coins and one-sided, compared to the huge mass of double-sided coins, relatively little one-sided coins are produced.

Coins are made of metal, usually of a regular round shape, but also, coins can be quadrangular, polygonal, and any other irregular shape using the method of making coins: etching and stamping - chasing coins.

Coins that have long been not only monetary units issued by the state minted in the state mint in the modern world, many types and varieties of production of metal coins, here are just a few of them:

  • Promotional coins - promotional coins with a logo, for promotional events and corporate gifts, at conferences, exhibitions, coins for partners and VIP clients ...
  • Corporate coins - unite the team spirit, increase brand or trademark recognition ...
  • Commemorative, commemorative coins, gift coins with a portrait,
  • Coins in the form of invitation to the wedding, birthday
  • Game coins - card protectors, card protectors, poker chips, tokens, coin guard cards, good luck coin, good luck talisman coin, money coin ...
  • Souvenir coins, coins with landmarks;
  • Award coins
  • Collectible Coins,
  • Investment coins

Image Grad Manufacturing Enterprise is one of the leading enterprises for the production of souvenir coins, metal chips for casinos, demonstrating for many years the high skill of making coins at the level of jewelry, the best world standards using traditional and modern technologies for the production of coins and tokens.
We accept orders for the manufacture of metal coins, tokens, of any shape and complexity, coins of any diameter, exclusive coins with a portrait, personalized coins, production of coins according to individual layouts, using modern coin manufacturing techniques:

Coin making by etching:
the most common method of making coins
with a flat 2D relief, in the shortest possible time at small circulations. Thanks to the method of making coins, metal etching can transfer all lines and texts of a sketch with very high accuracy (accuracy - 0.2 mm). The disadvantage of this method is only one - the inability to obtain a three-dimensional image, for example, a bas-relief portrait.

Making coins by stamping:
stamping - embossing, the classic method of making coins, the technology allows you to transfer a strong relief and volume of the image, with great detail. At large circulations of coins, differs in availability in the price and excellent workmanship!
Special galvanic coatings of coins, gilding, nickel plating, silver plating, bronzing, copper plating, chromium plating are used, which allows you to make original coins, the surface of which can have a brilliant, matte, antique-antique type of coins, depending on the wishes of the customer.

If necessary, the coins are issued in the original gift wrapping, which will ensure the safety and durability of the coins: velvet cases with a flock for the diameter of the coins, vip cases from natural wood with the possibility of applying the logo, text on the surface of the package for coins, capsules for coins, coin bags. ..

Making coins, tokens is our main job. At your service are professional designers who will help to create an original series of souvenir coins or tokens, we work not only according to customer’s sketches, but are also ready to consider your ideas presented in free form. The entire cycle of work, regardless of the complexity of the task, we perform in the shortest possible time and at an optimal price. For each series of coins are developed original layouts, stamps, providing the highest quality coins and tokens. Taking the order for the manufacture of coins, we take into account all the factors to make coins, tokens with the highest level of quality.
Coins occupy a special place among souvenir and gift products.

Coins in a leather bag, coins in velvet cases, coins in a wooden case are a presentable souvenir, a great gift for any celebration, presentation ...

The company Image Grad has extensive experience in the development and manufacture of coins, tokens. Commemorative coins, commemorative coins, souvenir coins, awards, all this you can order in our production of coins. Our production of coins allows you to carry out any orders of coins, tokens.

Coins to order Kiev from the manufacturing enterprise Image Grad, this is 100% quality, good mood and the key to your success!

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