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Proposal for banks: bank bullion dummies, bank metal dummies of gold, silver, bank bullion dummies, manufacturing of bank bullion dummies to order Kiev:

Bank dummies are models of bank metals such as gold and silver: in everyday life, we can meet in almost any branch of the Bank of Ukraine or a major financial institution. The main purpose of using bank dummies is the security of bank branches and financial institutions. Plaster casts of gold and silver metals are placed in closed glass cases, in the visitor hall, in a prominent place. Bank ingots are so much like real precious metal ingots that it is often difficult even for specialists to distinguish a model of an ingot from a real one, so for security purposes, a set of bank ingots is located close to the bank security.

In addition to using dummies of bank ingots in financial institutions, today dummies of bank ingots are an excellent advertising medium, VIP gift, souvenir. You can order the manufacture of bank bullion dummies, with a corporate logo, name inscription, wishes, make an order as a complete set of bank bullion dummies in a frame, or a stand (case) made of natural wood with a velvet flock, or one ingot in a gift case. A model of a bank ingot, a symbol of stability, prosperity, such a VIP gift, a souvenir as a model of a bank ingot, it is pleasant to present to business partners, managers, top managers of large corporations, to mark a business partner or friend.

An excellent small gift, can serve as a model of an ingot, suspended from a carabiner, to a ring of a charm (a keychain in the form of a model of a bank ingot).

Image Grad Manufacturing Enterprise is one of the leading enterprises for manufacturing of metal bullion dummies, demonstrating for many years the high skill of manufacturing dummies of banking bullion at the level of the best world standards using traditional and modern technologies of dummy gold and silver metals production. Bank bars can be made with the logo of any company, the name of the bank and the Ministry ... You can order bank bars with small or large sets from 1 to 1000 grams. - our production of models of ingots allows you to carry out any circulations, orders of models of bank ingots from 1 to 1000 grams. Standard set of models of bank ingots, includes ingots: 1, 2, 5, 10, 1 ounce, 20, 50, 100, 250 , 500, 1000 grams., Each model of a bank ingot has a different size, weight and thickness of metal, special electroplating coatings of bank ingots are used, gilding, silver plating which allows to make models of bank ingots identical to the original bank metals. A set of models of bank bars, can be decorated in a frame with glass and velvet flock, in the VIP case - stand made of natural wood with a velvet flock. When accepting an order for the manufacture of bank bars, we take into account all the factors in order to make really excellent products, dummies of bank bars with the highest level of quality.

Plaster casts of ingots to order Kiev from the Production Enterprise Image Grad, this is 100% quality, good mood and the key to your success!

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