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Making orders, honours, insignia, awards, crosses, breastplates, production of award attributes, orders, badges on the block, awards, crosses, badges of distinction. Production of metal chevrons, kokard, production of breast tokens, breast tokens, metal chevrons to order Kiev:

Production of awards - Award - honorary badges, award badges, orders, insignia, crosses, medals: reward for merit, distinction, gratitude. One of the purpose of the award is to grant a special status to the person receiving the award. Awards, orders, insignia are worn on clothes and serve as decoration, evidence of honor, achievement, status. Awards, badges, orders - a prestigious class of products with a high degree of artistic production and design, originality and uniqueness, emphasize the status of the owner and are an honorary sign of privileged people for special services to this organization.

Making orders - Orders (Orden) - insignia, honorary award for special merit. Order at all times provided its owner with certain privileges and respect for others around them. Orders have historically originated in the medieval spiritual and knightly orders and are the direct successors of the medieval - as a rule, knightly - monarchical orders. This succession helps to understand the origins and significance of the order system as a reward. The main difference of orders lies in the history of origin, the system of division of the order by degree.

Making badges - a badge - a badge of distinction, belonging to its owner to any group of people, character or occupation. The breastplates of the costume element are divided into public insignia, corporate insignia, church insignia, commemorative, military insignia - awards, departmental award insignia for servicemen, representatives of other power structures, award insignia of the education system: students of higher universities, gymnasiums, high schools and schools ...

Image Grad Manufacturing Enterprise is one of the leading enterprises for the production of premium products: orders, breastplates, awards, crosses, insignia, corporate symbols from metal, made with traditionally high quality, demonstrating for many years the high skill of making orders, awards at the level of jewelry, using modern production technology orders, awards. Image Grad has a great experience in the development and production of orders, awards, the production of marks for university graduates (academic badges and signs), jubilee, commemorative insignia. We accept orders for the manufacture of awards, orders from metal, marks of any shape and complexity, the production of marks, orders according to individual layouts, applying modern manufacturing techniques for awards: manufacturing orders, insignia, awards by etching; production of orders, insignia, awards by stamping; production of orders, insignia, awards by casting. Depending on the customer's requirements, it is possible to manufacture multi-level lapel badges, with overlaid elements, use of different technologies for making orders, awards, marks, with insertion of non-precious or semi-precious stones, combination of elements with different colors of gold and silver plating in the badge. Special galvanic coatings of signs, orders, gilding, nickel plating, silver plating, bronzing, chrome plating are used, which allows you to make original metal insignia, orders, awards, crosses whose surface can have a brilliant, matte, old look of products depending on the customer's wishes. In order to make the rewards more vivid and attractive, in making insignia, cold, hot enamels and varnishes are used, allowing to obtain various effects in signs: signs, orders, awards with transparent and translucent enamels, varnishes; marks, crosses on the block, orders, awards with enamels and pearl effect. Various types of fasteners are used, fittings for orders and signs: screw twist for heavy signs, collet fastening for lightweight signs, badges. Pin for rewards on the block. All applied accessories for awards, orders ensures reliable attachment to clothes and a long service life of a commemorative badge of distinction. In the manufacture of orders, awards, insignia, our company uses modern equipment and technology, it can significantly expand the possibilities in the manufacture of insignia and awards. Only high-quality materials, advanced technologies and coatings are used in the production of orders, awards: stamping, etching, casting allow you to personalize marks, produce awards and deliver marks and awards of high quality to the market in the shortest possible time and at the best price.

When choosing a technology for making insignia, different plasticity of metals is taken into account, from which awards, orders, signs, minimum thickness of lines, features of using enamels for signs, the possibility of combining coatings and many other factors can be made. Only taking into account all these factors, it is possible to make badges of distinction, orders, awards of really high class!

For breastplates we offer all sorts of packaging: velvet cases for signs and orders, plastic transparent cases for badges, velvet bags ...

Orders, insignia, awards to order from the production enterprise Image Grad Kiev, this is 100% quality, good mood and the key to your success!

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