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Production of prizes, production of prizes, steles, statuettes, vip gifts, production of prizes and souvenirs to order from metal, stone, glass, production of souvenirs from metal, prizes, figurines, gifts, exclusive souvenirs, prizes to order Kiev:

Prizes - Prize, prize souvenir, valuable, honorable award for winning a competition, competition, or celebration. Prizes are an exclusive, creative award, worthy souvenir for presentation at any festival, celebration and other festive events. Production of prizes can be divided into several subgroups:

Individual prizes to order - extraordinary, creative awards, prizes for film festivals, music competitions, celebrations. Corporate prizes to order - elite business prizes and souvenirs - prizes with the logo and the name of the company, or a prize made in the form of a logo, a worthy reward and special attention to the company's employees, partners. Corporate prizes will be the perfect gift, souvenir, award at any corporate party, competition, solemn anniversary of the company ...

Sports prizes to order - prizes for tournaments and competitions on sports subjects, football, basketball, hockey, etc.

These exclusive prizes are made to order, individually for the customer, this is a guarantee of a unique product, a similar award you will not see anywhere else. For the manufacture and production of prizes, depending on the budget, metal, glass, stone, and wood are used, as a rule, prizes are placed on stone or glass pedestals.

Production enterprise Image Grad is one of the leading enterprises for the production of unique, premium, souvenir products: prizes, figurines, stelae, gifts, exclusive souvenirs made of metal, made with traditionally high quality. Image Grad has a great experience in the development and production of prizes, souvenirs, awards for ceremonial awards ceremonies of various competitions, festivals, tournaments and competitions. We accept orders for the production of prizes, figurines, stelae, figurines, gifts, souvenirs from metal of any shape and complexity, production of prizes on individual models, from low-cost and budget options to exclusive statuettes, prizes and steles, in combination of metal, glass, stone . Modern technologies of manufacturing prizes and elite souvenirs are applied: production of prizes using the etching method; making souvenirs by stamping; production of prizes, statuettes, steles by casting. Depending on customer requirements, it is possible to manufacture prizes from glass or stone with metal multi-level plates, with applied elements using different technologies, with the insertion of non-precious or semi-precious stones, a combination of elements with different colors of electroplated coating of gold and silver in prizes and souvenirs. Special galvanic coatings, gilding, nickel plating, silver plating, bronzing, chrome plating are used for the prizes, which allows you to make high-quality prizes, the surface of which can have a brilliant, old-looking product depending on the customer's wishes. In the manufacture of prizes, figurines, stelae, figurines, gifts, souvenirs, our company uses only high-quality materials, modern equipment and technology, this allows us to significantly expand opportunities in the manufacture of prizes.

Production of prizes, promotional gifts - our main work. At your service are professional designers, sculptors who will help to create an original, individual souvenir, a prize, a gift, we work not only according to the customer’s sketches, but are also ready to consider your ideas presented in free form. The entire cycle of works on the production of prizes and souvenirs, regardless of the complexity of the task, we perform in the shortest possible time and at an optimal price. Taking the order for the manufacture of prizes, we take into account all the factors in order to make really excellent, individual prizes and souvenirs with the highest level of quality.

Prizes to order Kiev from the production enterprise Image Grad, this is 100% quality, good mood and the key to your success!

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