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Production of business cards from metal, metal cards, discount cards from metal, metal club cards, VIP business cards from metal, VIP cards from metal, metal souvenir banknotes to order Kiev:

Metal business cards - metal business cards (Business Cards of metal) - the carrier of contact information about a person or organization. Business cards are made of metal brass (brass metal business cards), in the amount of 50 * 90 mm. Making business cards from metal includes: the name of the owner, the company (usually with a logo, emblem) and contact information (address, phone number, email address), the company's slogan. Metal business cards are made of well-polished thin metal, usually 0.5 mm thick, followed by electroplating with gold or silver, if necessary painted with enamels of crushed metal business card elements. Production of metal business cards, individual VIP business cards, VIP cards from metal with your logo to order in Kiev can be made both with a one-sided image (one-sided metal business cards), and with a two-sided image (two-sided business cards from metal).

Metal business cards - metal business cards can be divided into types:

Personal business cards (family), business cards and corporate business cards: on metal business cards - metal business cards, information is executed in any style and production of business cards occurs in accordance with the individual preferences of the owner. On the personal metal business card, indicate the name, surname and phone number of the owner.

A corporate business card (corporate metal business cards - metal business cards), as a rule, does not contain names and surnames. In the manufacture of metal business cards, information about the company, logo, field of activity, list of services provided, contact numbers, map, and web page address are put in the business card. Corporate metal business card should reflect the corporate - corporate identity - the company's image. Corporate business cards made of metal, are purely advertising in nature, mainly used at exhibitions, conferences, congresses.

Business metal business card (business card) is a metal business card: metal business cards are used in business, at official meetings and negotiations, to provide contact information to their future customers. In the manufacture of metal business cards, the name, surname, position, logo (emblem), company name and type of its activity are engraved on the business card. In the manufacture of business cards, it is customary to first indicate the first name, middle name, and then the last name. In the development of metal business cards, the company logo and company style are used; in business metal business cards, they try to withstand the rigorous design of the business cards.

Metal business cards, metal business cards for civil servants and deputies: on the metal business card the image of state insignia is applied (flag and national emblem).

Club cards made of metal - production of metal club cards, metal discount cards, metal certificates: on these metal business cards (cards) it is common to put information in a corporate style, with the address, phone numbers displayed. It is allowed to use complex decorative fonts italic, as well as bold, advanced design on metal club cards.

An excellent gift, a VIP souvenir can serve as metal VIP business cards, VIP cards, as well as souvenir metal banknotes - $ 100, € 100, 100 UAH. The manufacture of any other similar VIP-souvenir from metal, gift (banknote certificate, metal discount card, club card, etc.). Metal banknotes, metal discount cards (metal discounts), metal club cards, represent business cards made of metal with a two-sided image, drawing on which is made by etching (similar to the technology of making badges, badges, plates).

Image Grad has extensive experience in the production and manufacture of metal business cards, metal cards, discount cards made of metal, metal club cards, VIP metal business cards, VIP metal cards, metal souvenir banknotes. We offer the production of metal business cards of the highest level, not a single paper business card can be compared with VIP metal business cards. Such a business card will not always be thrown away, it will always come first, attract the eye, remind you of it. Metal business cards are not replaceable advertising, your high status, high level of reliability and stability, individuality, confidence in the future.

Image Grad Company hopes that soon you will have a metal business card of our production, distinguished by impeccable workmanship and individuality.

Business cards from metal to order in Kiev from the Image Grad manufacturing enterprise, this is 100% quality, good mood and the key to your success!

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