gift diploma on metal under the order

3 500 UAH
А5, А4
gold, silver, antique
wood, glass

Based on your individual requirements, we will make an exclusive gift, a memorable diploma to order.

Подробное описание

a diploma for a gift, a diploma for a birthday, a family diploma, a wedding diploma, a commemorative diploma, a gratitude on the metal, a diploma.

Production of diplomas with individual design under the order. Congratulations on the metal, on the substrate - a plaque of nat. wood, glass, acrylic ...

size - A5, A4, under the order
materials - brass, wood, glass
coating - gold, silver, antique coatings, color

Production time 7 working days

The price is indicated when ordering a diploma in a single copy, the cost and time of production of diplomas in circulation, check with the manager.

Examples of our work, you can see in the section: Production of diplomas, certificates of metal, diplomas, certificates, certificates, congratulations on the metal ...


You can pick up this product yourself at the address: Kiev, st. Nikolay Vasilenko 7, according to pre-agreed time of your visit.

Nova poshta - Delivery in Ukraine is carried out by courier service "Nova poshta". Payment at the expense of the recipient - at the carrier's tariffs.

Cash, Payment on PrivatBank card, By bank transfer