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Production of diplomas, certificates, congratulations on the metal, award plaques, production of diplomas, diplomas, certificates in metal on wood, award plaques to order Kiev:

Production of diplomas (award diplomas, metal diplomas, diplomas on metal) - diplomas award; Production of certificates (metal certificates, award certificates, certificates for metal) - certificates award; making plaques (award plaques, congratulations on metal) - plaques award, you can make all this to order in Kiev, in the production of TM Image Grad.

Diplomas, certificates, certificates, plaques on the metal - this is a special type of premium, VIP gift products, a great way to highlight the merits of a partner, representative, distributor. There are award diplomas, plaques, certificates traditional on the walls of an office or office for public viewing, therefore, in addition to the premium function, the production of metal plaques, diplomas, certificates is an excellent result of advertising media, diplomas increase brand awareness or a trademark. Metal award diplomas help strengthen the corporate spirit, emphasize the status of the company. The production of diplomas, certificates, award plaques make it possible to vividly reflect any significant, solemn event, single out the winner and indicate his merits, marked qualities or achievements ...

The production of diplomas, certificates, award plaques, provides for a number of features, size, conciseness and readability of the text, design, and layout on the logo diploma, strictly maintaining the corporate style of the company.

The graphic and text content of the award plaque, diploma, certificate used as a company award usually includes: own name of the award: diploma, certificate, diploma; logo, company name or person's name, the name of the event, nomination, competition, as well as the date of the event.

Some examples of nominations for diplomas, certificates:

Honorary diploma for effective activities aimed at the benefit, special contribution to the establishment and development of the company, certificate of merit in strengthening relations with partners, certificate of special merit in the design and implementation of projects, diplomas of merit in promoting the brand, award plaques for labor success, exemplary performance of official duties. diplomas for long and excellent work, award certificates for charity, sponsorship activities.

Diplomas, certificates, diplomas, thanks to the metal, one of the brightest awards after the manufacture of medals, award plaques for companies with a large budget for rewarding. The Image Grad company offers the production of diplomas, the production of certificates, award plaques of standard sizes A5, A4, as well as the production of diplomas to order in Kiev on individual sizes and shapes.

Production of diplomas, certificates, we carry out of brass metal. metal diplomas, have a presentable appearance and durability. The unique type of a metal diploma on a wooden plaque is achieved by using a relief image on the metal, followed by enamel coloring, this is the main difference from printing on metal, or the paper version of the diploma or diploma, award plaque. Such a plaque, diploma, certificate will decorate any office, attracting the views of your guests. Award diplomas, certificates, certificates for metal are honorary awards, evidence of special respect. Diplomas play a special role in the implementation of recognition programs, thanks to the external VIP appearance and symbolism, it does not need a name - this is a reward.

Image Grad Manufacturing Enterprise is one of the leading enterprises for the production of premium, advertising, souvenir and image products: diplomas, certificates, diplomas, award plaques of metal on wood, demonstrating for many years high skills in the production of diplomas, award plates, congratulations at the level of the best world standards using traditional and modern production technology diplomas and certificates.

The Image Grad company has extensive experience in the development and manufacture of congratulations on the metal: diplomas, certificates, diplomas. Commemorative diplomas, commemorative diplomas, family diplomas, certificates of authorized points of sale, signs on the tree you can order all this in our production. We accept orders for the production of diplomas and certificates from metal, on a substrate made of natural wood, the production of diplomas, certificates according to individual layouts, using modern technologies for the production of diplomas: the production of diplomas by etching which produces a beautiful two-dimensional, embossed pattern that can be pressed metal, or convex on the turn.

Special galvanic coatings of diplomas, gilding, nickel plating, silver plating, bronzing, chrome plating are used, which allows you to make original diplomas, the surface of which may have a shiny, matte, old look, depending on the customer's wishes. Diplomas can be issued not only on a wooden substrate but also on glass or stone plaques.

Making diplomas is our main job. At your service are professional designers who will help create the original layout of the award plate, diploma or certificate, we work not only according to the customer’s sketches, but are also ready to consider your ideas, presented in free form. The whole cycle of works on the production of diplomas, certificates, regardless of the complexity of the task, we perform in the shortest possible time and at the best price. Taking the order for the production of diplomas, we take into account all the factors in order to make a truly individual product, diplomas with the highest level of quality.

Diplomas, certificates to order Kiev, from the manufacturing enterprise Image Grad, this is 100% quality, good mood and the key to your success!

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