03 february, 2019

Making badges to order, for employees of large companies, corporations and banks.

As personnel managers say, dresscode in financial corporations and banks is considered one of the most stringent, they spell out the rules on what styles of clothes you can wear, as well as the appearance of the employee, hairstyle, jewelry and accessories, and most importantly, ID badges must be present with the name of the employee, sometimes the name is indicated on the badge. Badges must fully comply with the corporate style of the company, without fail, the company logo, emblem is always present on the badges.

It should be noted that there are dress codes for both men and women, as a rule,
Men should wear a tie clip and a company logo badge. Also, according to the dresscode, bright accessories are allowed, such as a corporate icon with a company logo - corporate icons.

You can order the production of badges on the site of the manufacturing enterprise Image Grad.
The site contains photos of works, made badges, with a description, as well as a form for ordering badges made of metal. Metal badges, can be personalized, or with a window under a replaceable arakal with a name, badges in the plating are gold, silver, copper plating. Basic fasteners for badges: magnetic mount or pin ...

Production time when ordering metal badges, an average of 10 slaves. days, for the calculation of the order of badges,
It is necessary to specify the circulation, size of the badge, the desired coverage, the number of enamel colors and the type of attachment for the badges.

Metal badges are an image detail and "business card" of the company, metal badges are bright, stylish, durable and this is not the whole list of advantages. Magnetic metal badges are your choice!

Production of badges to order Kiev Ukraine:
Image Grad- sales department: Tel. (044) 331-77-12; e-mail: sales@imagegrad.com.ua

We guarantee:
  ♦ quality of products and materials
  ♦ creativity
  ♦ punctuality in terms of work
  ♦ an individual approach in work with the client

Badges to order from the manufacturing enterprise Image Grad is 100% quality, good mood and the key to your success!