03 april, 2013

Medals for graduation, making medals to order

The important moment in the life of your child, Graduation!

How to celebrate the success, performance, achievements of your child, leave a memory for the rest of your life about your studies, friends, joys, victories? Of course, this is a medal! On this important day, the medal will be a great impetus to diligence and diligence, raise the mood of the child and make the graduation more colorful and festive. On this day, you will dress a beautiful medal on your child, congratulating him on such an important day in his life.

Where to order medals for prom?

Image Grad - sales department: Tel. (044) 331-77-12; e-mail: sales@imagegrad.com.ua

The manufacturing enterprise Image Grad, offers production of medals on final individually under the order.

The production of medals is made to order with a circulation of 10 pcs., 40, 50, 60, 80 mm in diameter from heavy non-ferrous metal, brass, a method of drawing an image on medals etching (high-quality two-dimensional embossed image), gold, silver, copper plating, color with colored enamels . Medals can be decorated on a ribbon mount, or in gift cases. Medals are performed with any pattern, image, name, name and school number to order.

  • Medals at graduation from the nursery;
  • Medals at graduation from kindergarten, medals graduation in kindergarten;
  • Medals for the end of the first class;
  • Medals for graduation from elementary school;
  • Medals for high school graduates;
  • Medals last call, graduation from school;
  • Medals to teachers and educators from graduates;
  • Medals to parents from graduates;
  • Medals for schoolchildren, graduates of lyceum, college;
  • Medal Graduate

Examples of work performed:

You can place an order for the production of medals for graduation by contacting our manager by email or phone:

Image Grad - sales department: Tel. (044) 331-77-12; e-mail: sales@imagegrad.com.ua