10 march, 2015

pins, key chains, accessories for a business person - the perfect business style.

pins, key chain, metal cufflinks to order, the perfect gift accessory for a business person. A business suit, even from the best designer, will look gray and inconspicuous without the addition of stylish accessories such as metal badges, cufflinks. Icons complete the image and at the same time show your status, which is why only the owner of excellent taste and even some courage can successfully combine them with each other. If you are not too confident in these qualities, do not wear unnecessary jewelry - it will be quite enough key ring for say auto.

The choice of true men's accessories is great - these are shoes and belts, ties and bags, bracelets and rings, and, of course, key chains. Men, as a rule, do not wear too much jewelry, but their quality must be on top. Cheap things say that a person does not value himself, and do you really want to make such an impression? This statement fully applies to key rings - no matter how much your car costs, but if a plastic key ring with a half-erased pattern is attached to the keys, then You do not attach any value to your car. And it already gives certain information about your attitude to things around you. A metal key ring will unobtrusively emphasize your respectability and the desire to have the best of all possible.

If you still haven’t removed the plastic key chain from the showroom, now is the time to do it. The image must be perfect, and first of all it concerns the so-called trifles. Representatives of the strong half of humanity prefer strict key chains that have a clear form. No rhinestones, ringing pendants, angels and butterflies - leave it to the romantically-minded young ladies.

Geometrically verified metal key chain - this is the choice of a real man. At the same time, not only owners of prestigious cars can afford such an impressive accessory. Stylish jewelry is quite affordable, and even those who do not see the point in such impractical gizmos will not be pleased even with steel charms. Keychain - your apparent advantage. It is easy to order trinkets - the Image Grad manufacturing enterprise will make to order trinkets with your logo, or world-famous auto emblems. You will be surprised how much importance employers give to the appearance of their subordinates. No wonder they say that if you want to achieve more, your costume should be no worse than that of your boss. So, while at the level of impression, you get up one step with it. And key chains, badges - this is a whole leap up. It’s easy to stand out from the gray office mass; you just need to unobtrusively demonstrate your delicate taste and perfect business style.
Image Grad Company is a manufacturer of exclusive premium, souvenir, corporate metal products in Ukraine.

We offer you:
- high quality of our products;
- personalized wishes and congratulations on the metal.

Let's develop corporate products badges, key chains, cufflinks, medals, coins from metal for your company!

Order original gifts from TM Image Grad, it will pleasantly distinguish you from your competitors.

Image Grad Manufacturing Enterprise - production of badges, metal accessories key chains with your logo on order, metal key chains, badges with decorative electroplating nickel, gold, metal key chains made with colored enamels.

Sales Department: Tel. (044) 331-77-12; e-mail: sales@imagegrad.com.ua


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