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Welcome to the page signs - signs - the manufacture of metal plates, facade plates. You are greeted by a friendly team of professionals, a team of an industrial enterprise manufacturing front plates, custom plates in Kiev - Image Grad.

The main activity of the production enterprise Image Grad, the development and manufacture of plates of brass. Metal plates - the most beautiful and durable, they create a sense of reliability and stability. Plates made of metal attract the eyes and pay special attention to themselves, not one advertising sign made of acrylic, or other analogues can not be compared with brass facade plates.

Plates, brass signs (brass plates, sign of brass) are classics of time, the plates have a pronounced relief, the edges of the depicted symbols are even and clear, the main difference between a brass plate is an attractive golden tint.

Metal brass plates have a unique high resistance to corrosion in the atmosphere and corrosive environments, brass plates are expressive and memorable, and in combination with the coating plates: nickel, chrome, or gold, metal plates will serve you for many years with minimal care, as well as give The plate has a beautiful shade of metal.

Plates can be divided into main types:

Front plates - brass plates of the highest quality level, with ideally equal, mirror and glossy surface on which the image is applied with the method of deep engraving with milling equipment. Usually on the front plate is placed: branding (logo), organization name, mode of operation (plate mode of operation). Front plates are designed to be placed on the facade of the building and serve to provide information about the organizations located in it.

The appearance of the metal front plate inspires respect. emphasizes respectability, solidity of the company. The front plate made of metal is your business card, which will serve you for many years, decorating the facade of the building with glitter, overflowing metal of an elegant shade of gold or silver, conveying the necessary information to your visitors.

Metal plates, front plates are an indispensable informational, promotional product that not only fits into the most expensive interior, but also decorates, attracts special attention, urging the client to visit your establishment. Metal front plates look stylish and expensive, metal plates are well perceived both in daylight and in evening light, standing out thanks to the bright overflow of metal on the plate.

The front plate is the face of the company, acquaintance with you begins precisely with the plate, therefore placing an order for the manufacture of plates, you should pay attention to the metal plates that fit perfectly to the facade of any building and interior, emphasize the unique image and solidity of the organization.

Office plates - internal metal plates, door signs, or wall plates, room signs: they are the main information assistant, provide orientation of the person, search for the necessary office, employee of the organization. Office signs significantly save time for your customers.

Production of table signs, information plates on the table, table plates for restaurants, reserved plates, Tables not to smoke, Palitari zaoroneno, tables no smoking, table ordered, not to smoke, table name plates on order:

Table boards are used in the restaurant and hotel business. On tables in bars and restaurants can be found on the table signs with the words Reserved, Reserved, the table is ordered, etc. At conferences, on the tables of managers and managers, these are signs indicating the name, position, company, country. In hotels, there are table signs on Reception racks.

Production enterprise Image Grad offers two options for the manufacture of desktop plates: a metal plate with information is mounted on a stand made of natural wood in the shape of a triangle. Metal plate, depending on the size and the desired result, bends under 45-90 degrees for stability on the table. Production of desktop plates on individual layouts, using modern technology of manufacturing plates: the manufacture of plates by the method of etching, milling. Only high-quality materials, advanced technologies and coatings are used in the manufacture of plates, which allow you to personalize the plates, produce high-quality plates in the shortest possible time and at the best price.

Today, the production of plates has been improved and developed, the production of plates for individual models, using the most modern technology for the production of plates: the production of plates by the method of etching, the production of plates by the method of milling, which allow to get an exact image up to hundredths mm A decorative chamfer adds an additional volume to the plate (cut at an angle of 45 °). Depending on the image and customer requirements, it is possible to manufacture plates with logo elements, letters, or combination of elements with different colors of gold and silver plating in the plate. The metal surface of the plates can be covered with various background grids; this effect on the plate prevents the reflection of light and increases the readability of the text accordingly. Special electroplated coatings of plates, gilding, nickel plating, silver plating, bronzing, chrome plating are used, which allows to produce metal plates resistant to weather conditions. The surface of the plate may have a shiny, antique look, depending on the wishes of the customer.

To make the plates more vivid and attractive, in the manufacture of plates, the engraved elements of the image are filled with cold colored enamels and varnishes (auto enamel), allowing you to get different effects on the plates. , office plates and door plates - on double-sided tape. All used accessories for the plates ensures reliable fastening and long service life of the plate. In the manufacture of facade plates, our company uses modern equipment and technology, it can significantly expand the possibilities in the manufacture of plates.

Production of plates, signs - our main work. At your service are professional designers who will help to create an original, individual layout of tablets, signs, we work not only according to the customer’s sketches, but are also ready to consider your ideas presented in free form. Only high-quality materials, advanced technologies and coatings are used in the manufacture of plates, which allow you to personalize the plates, produce plates and supply the market with high-quality plates in the shortest time and at the best price.

We offer you the production of metal plates, plates that are really worthy of the level of your institution: plates with a mode of operation, logo plates, facade plates, wall plates, office plates, only from high-quality metals, coatings, wear-resistant enamels, manufacturing metal plates of the highest quality, who will serve for many years emphasizing the image and style of the company!

The cost of the plates is calculated individually, according to the size of the plate, coatings and fixtures! For a quick and accurate result of calculating the plates, we recommend sending us your source files (logo, layout) in the following formats: Adobe Illustrator: 3.2 - 11.0, or Corel Draw 8 - 13 versions

The Image Grad company has extensive experience in the production of metal plates, the manufacture of facade plates, office plates. Plates on the wall, plaques on the doors, plaques on the wood, signs, information signs and metal signs you can order all of this on our production plates. And also to make an order for installation work, installation of plates on the facade.

Increasingly, on the facades of buildings in our capital and beyond its borders, brass plates made at the production of the Image Grad company are decorating. We will be happy if, in the near future and on the facade of your organization, there will be a metal plate of our production, distinguished by impeccable workmanship, individuality, durability.

For more information about the manufacture of plates, you can get by calling the phones listed on the site, or ask your question in writing by email to our managers.

Plates made of metal to order from the manufacturing enterprise Image Grad, this is 100% quality, good mood and the key to your success!

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