10 november, 2021

Pre-New Year offer from Image Grad: making VIP gifts and souvenirs

Stop giving cups, pens and corporate notebooks!
All this has already become boring, all this has already been given to others.

As a gift to customers, employees, relatives and friends, we offer you individual customized production of gifts and souvenirs from metal to order:

Making badges, making corporate badges, metal badges: Corporate badges, company badges, metal badges - raise team spirit, pride, emphasize a person’s belonging to a particular organization or company, increase brand or trademark awareness, distinguish among the general mass of people and business suits ... A badge is worn on a jacket's lapel (tail-coat badges, or badges on a jacket's lapel).

Production of medals, medals: Jubilee medals, sports medals on a ribbon, breast medals on a block, commemorative medals, souvenir medals, awards, all this you can order at our medal production. Medals by right hold a special place among souvenir and gift products. This is a presentable commemorative badge, medal, reward for outstanding ability or achievement. Medal, a great reward to the winners for any celebration, presentation ...

Making coins, souvenir coins: coins with your logo, coins with the zodiac sign, coins with congratulations and wishes. For each series of coins are developed original layouts, stamps that provide the highest quality coins and tokens.

Making key chains, metal key chains: key chains with your logo, key rings with a decorative electroplated coating nickel, gold, key chains with color enamels.

Production of diplomas, certificates of metal on wood, gift plaques, certificates: diplomas, certificates, greetings, wishes on the metal, with the logo, an individual drawing.

Metal business card making, metal business cards: An excellent gift, a VIP souvenir for the New Year, metal VIP business cards, VIP cards, as well as metal souvenir banknotes can serve ...

Making tie clips, tie clips, tie clip with custom logo, an excellent corporate gift for your company employees. Cufflinks are perfect for the tie clip in the set.

Production of plates, metal plates, front plates, office plates, thank-you, gift, greeting plates made of metal.

Making VIP souvenirs, gifts made from metal with glass, stone, wood stand: bank ingots, bank metal dummies, banknote dummies, banknote dummies with individual greetings, ingot dummy key chains, metal VIP business cards, cufflinks, buckles and much more ...

Image Grad Company is an exclusive manufacturer of premium, souvenir, corporate metal products in Ukraine. Metal souvenirs are a wonderful original gift for your customers, partners and employees. Corporate products can be used for a variety of corporate parties, significant events of your company, promotions, advertising and pr-campaigns, to congratulate customers and partners on the New Year, for seminars and exhibitions, for sales, etc.

Thanks to the products of the production company Image Grad, your customers, partners and employees will learn how you appreciate them.

We understand that each customer has their own requirements for corporate gifts. That is why we are pleased to offer each client an individual approach to his order.

We offer you:
- high quality of our products;
- personalized wishes and congratulations on the metal.

Let's develop together corporate products badges, medals, coins, metal charms for your company!

Order original gifts from TM Image Grad, it will pleasantly distinguish you from your competitors.